Students VISA

International students that will study at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru (PUCP) (Pontifical Catholic University of Peru) are required to read carefully the following information for a better understanding of their immigration status in Peru. The visa application process is the personal responsibility of each student. PUCP is neither an intermediary nor an institution that carries out any visa processes.

Peruvian University Law allows university studies in Peru with a “Tourist” migratory status, but only for one semester. A student arriving in Peru, who obtains an insufficient term of stay, can issue in Peru the change of migratory quality from “Tourist” to “Training” (“formación”). International students can be issued TEMPORARY or RESIDENT visas according to their duration of studies in Peru.

In 2017, new immigration regulations were issued, BUT ITS PROCEDURES ARE STILL IN THE IMPLEMENTATION STAGE.  According to them, international student visas are granted at the Peruvian Consular Offices abroad. The corresponding consular office puts a stamp on the passport, indicating the immigration status and the length of stay authorized by the National Immigration Superintendency (MIGRACIONES).