Students VISA

  • All international students that arrive to the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP) must carefully read the following information which offers details regarding their migratory status in Perú. The visa process is personal and full responsibility of each student. The PUCP won´t act as intermediary on the visa process.
  • In accordance to the Peruvian university law, it is possible to study in Peruvian universities with a tourist visa. Nevertheless, those who enter the country as tourist must change their status from “Tourist” to “Formation” on the migratory office (Superintendencia Nacional de Migraciones). The visa can be for Temporary Formation or Resident formation, according to the length of the studies in Perú. All the visa procedures are done in the migratory office located on the basement of the central office on the Óvalo Gutiérrez, in the Miraflores district in Lima.
  • Any students that find themselves in an irregular status due to the expiration of the term of permanence, have 30 calendar days to regularize their migratory status. The regularization is admissible only once. The excess of permanence is sanctionable with fees calculated according to the additional days.