Frequently asked questions

Which type of visa do I need to enter the country?

Students will receive a tourist visa when entering the country. They must not require the student visa from Peruvian consulates. After registering at PUCP, they must change their status at Lima Migrations Office. Our office will provide them with all necessary official documents for this procedure, but it is necessary that students bring all necessary documents to proof their economic solvency (bank statements, letter from the parents or legal guardians, scholarships). We recommend showing PUCP acceptance letter to the migration officer at the airport in order to get a 183-day visa. Tourist visas cannot be renewed. The official penalty for overstaying is US$ 1 per day. It is worth noting that students holding a tourist or a student visa cannot work. Important. For students from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, Panama, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, China, Turkey and Africa, they need to apply for a tourist visa at a Peruvian consulate. (Link to the document).

Is it necessary to obtain an international health insurance?

It is mandatory for all international students to obtain an international health insurance before coming to PUCP and send a copy to the International Student Exchange Division. Students who fail to comply with this requirement cannot register. It must be taken into account that international students are not eligible for accessing to Peruvian insurance. Students are responsible for verifying their accident and health insurance coverage. If these students need medical assistance, they have to pay for all services and then, make a claim to their insurance company for the corresponding reimbursement. Students may also consider having additional insurance (for thefts of personal belongings or travel insurance).

When do I have to arrive at the university?

Students should arrive at least one week before the first day of classes. Those arriving after such date may experience some delay in getting their identity cards and in activating the services of the university. Arrivals after the first week of classes are not allowed.

In which language are classes given?

Regular courses at PUCP are given in Spanish. Even though we do not require students to have a certificate in this language, we highly recommend having a proficiency level in Spanish equivalent to B1 (CEFR).

Can I register in language classes?

Language classes are not part of the academic curricula. The university has its own Language Institute outside the campus, where there is an English course as well as Spanish course for foreigners ( Students can directly register to these courses and pay all corresponding costs (no exemptions). These courses do not appear in the final certificate and do not have a credit value. Intermediate an advanced level courses equal 4 credits (4 hours a week). The registration process is the same as for any regular course.

When can I have the class schedule?

One month before the first day of classes, the schedule will be available in our website; therefore, any course you want to register in can be confirmed here in Peru.

Can I register online?

No. International students have a mandatory personal registration process. During the first week of classes, international students have the chance to sit at classes, so they can plan their schedule. On an indicated date, they must go personally to register in the courses.

Can I take classes from different academic units?

International students can take courses from any specialty on condition that they stay for a short period of time. (International students are allowed to stay only for one semester or one year). These students cannot pursue a degree or title from PUCP.

Are all courses open for international students?

It is important to point out that some courses may be closed due to lack of vacancies. Courses especially from Liberal Art – Humanities, Social Sciences and Communication Sciences and Arts may be restricted. The International Student Exchange Division advises students on a permanent basis, so they can plan their class schedule carefully.

Can I register in graduate courses?

Undergraduate students who wish to take graduate level courses need to send an e-mail to the International Student Exchange Division ( and ask for course and program availability. It should be taken into account that some programs may close.

How can I get housing?

PUCP does not have dormitories, but the International Student Exchange Division provides international students with a list of residences and families, which need to be contacted directly. The university shall not be held responsible for these services.

Will I receive an Official Transcript at the end of the semester?

Yes, this transcript will be issued and sent to your home university or to your house at the end of the semester. Do note that transcripts are only in Spanish.

What is the Peruvian Studies Certificate?

The Pontifical Catholic University of Peru gives all international students who want to broaden their knowledge about our country the opportunity to get the Peruvian Studies Certificate. This certificate will be granted to the students who have taken specialized courses in Peruvian studies from one of the branches of human and social sciences, having passed all of them with at least 13 (thirteen). Students need to accumulate 12 credits in courses of this type whether they stay for one semester or one year. This certificate does not represent any additional cost for the student.

How are the grading and credit systems at PUCP?

At the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, academic performance is graded on a twenty-point scale, eleven (11) being the minimum passing grade. One PUCP credit equals one lecture hour per week or a minimum of two lab hours per week. Each academic semester is seventeen (17) weeks long. Depending on the difficulty level, courses can have 2 to 5 credits. Do note that a PUCP credit is different from an ECTS credit. At PUCP, a full-time student has at least 12 credits. We recommend international students to register for 12 up to 15 credits per semester.

What is the PUCP Buddy Program (Compañero PUCP)?

This program consists in designating one Peruvian student to help an international student in his transition to campus life. International students will be contacted by their buddy before they arrive in Peru. They can sign up for this program filling up a registration form. Each semester, the International Student Exchange Division organizes a meeting for the buddies. Contact:

What is the language of instruction?

Regular PUCP courses are offered in Spanish only. Although we do not request a Spanish certificate, students with a level of proficiency equivalent to level B2 (CEFR) are recommended.