Associations and Networks

How is PUCP affiliation with these associations defined?

The affiliation can happen due to:

  • Common interests regarding their own university activities.
  • Call for international projections in the region at a global level that support the previously mentioned activities.
  • Shared attachments.

PUCP internationalization policy is not only expressed in its bilateral relationships but also in the joint performance in spaces for multilateral cooperation offered by interuniversity associations. These spaces enable to identify trends and good management practices that go beyond national borders. PUCP is affiliated to the following interuniversity associations:

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Association of University Presses of Latin America and the Caribbean

EULAC main purposes are the integration of Latin American and Caribbean university presses; the promotion of production and distribution of university texts, periodical publications and any other printed academic material; the technical and administrative refining of university presses and the dissemination of academic thinking to the community. PUCP participates in EULAC through its editorial fund.   

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Association of Iberoamerican Educational and Cultural Television

ATEI was created as an educational, cultural and scientific network to coproduce, disseminate and share multimedia and audiovisual contents, within the framework of Iberoamerican cooperation. PUCP participates in ATEI through its Academic Department of Communications.  

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Iberoamerican Association for Higher Distance Education

AIESAD was created to facilitate information, cooperation and coordination of efforts of member institutions through joint projects; promote research and application of new methodologies and techniques in higher distance education and facilitate its usage for associated institutions; foster the teaching and technical training in distance education; encourage the creation of educational materials and courses, adapted to specific needs of Iberoamerican countries. PUCP participates in AIESAD through its School of Education.

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International Association of Universities (IAU)

IAU is a global inter-university association, its main priorities are: the sustainable development, the intercultural dialogue, the internationalization and access to higher education.  

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Pan-American Association of Educational Credit Institutions

APICE is conformed by public and private entities which promote, foster, coordinate and administer educational credit programs in order to provide financial alternatives that facilitate the access to all people, mainly those academically capable, to higher education. PUCP participates in APICE through its Educational Credit Office.  

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Iberoamerican Association of Postgraduate Universities

AUIP is aimed at the promotion of postgraduate and doctoral studies in Ibero-america. Its main goal is to contribute to the training, in compliance with high academic standards, of university professors, scientists and professionals at the postgraduate and doctoral level according to the development needs of countries belonging to AUIP. PUCP participates in AUIP through its Graduate School and integrates the Executive Commission of the Association.   

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Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

AACSB connects universities and companies from different countries interested in developing and improving business management and business university education. AACSB is also an international accreditation agency for Business Schools. PUCP participates in AACSB through its Graduate Business School - CENTRUM.

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Business Association of Latin American Studies (BALAS)

BALAS is an association conformed by universities and other institutions from American countries and Spain. They share the interest in promoting business opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean, through educational and research activities. PUCP participates in  BALAS through its Graduate Business School – CENTRUM.

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Inter-University Development Center

CINDA was founded in 1971, being PUCP one of the three founding universities. Initially it had an Andean projection, in the 80s it reached Latin American and in the mid-1990s some European universities are incorporated as members.  In alliance with Quality Assurance International, CINDA has created the International Institute for Quality Assurance (IAC) in order to offer services regarding consultancy, assessment and certification of quality. In 2013, PUCP achieved the institutional accreditation granted by IAC. Since 2013, CINDA has promoted a student mobility program and its operational coordination is conducted by PUCP. PUCP is part of CINDA Executive Board.

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Communication for Social Change

CPCS associates universities seeking to help people who live in poor communities, in order to be able to communicate and be the best advocates of necessary changes to improve their lives, communities and countries. PUCP participates in CPCS through its School of Art and Communication Sciences.

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